Monday, April 21, 2014

Nelson Ghost Town

About 45 minutes outside of Las Vegas, is the ghost town of Nelson.  The official web site still maintains it's geocities style design, but it is actually a pretty cool place.  There are many old buildings to go and look at, although you really can only go into the super creepy gift shop.  I guess it's not that creepy, but I'm just not a fan of taxidermy. 

There was a big sign when we got there to check in if you were a photographer.  We couldn't really find anyone to talk to in the gift shop, so we just wandered around and took pictures.  Jailtime to come, I guess.  We've gone a couple of times now and there is always a professional photoshoot going on, so maybe they just meant the professionals.  It looked like there was a tour of some kind, but we still couldn't find anyone to get more information, so we just wandered.  It was such a beautiful day both times we were there, which made for some awesome pictures. 

There were tons of old cars there that were beautifully aged. A short drive away was Nelson's Landing, where some awesome cliff diving happens.  Here is a really awesome video if you'd like to see people being crazy.  I'm afraid of falling, so that wasn't going to be something I'd do.

For such a short drive from Vegas, it's a day trip that everyone should take at least once.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Judging You...Fattie

I knew that I needed to join a gym in order to continue my weight loss goals.  The problem was the area I lived in was really far away from any of the mega-conglomerate LVAC.  So I sucked it up and joined the Fat Gym that had just opened nearby.

You know the one I'm talking about.  I'm not going to say the name, but you automatically knew the one.  With their Carb and Coffee mornings and their More Carbs Night where you can bring your whole family. 

When we took the initial tour, I really liked their layout, their mini Curves style section, and their "black card" area with a work out machine, hydro massage, and tanning booth.  I hated their "philosophy."  Where they don't judge you, where everything is touchy feely without a yoga studio, and they have an alarm that sounds if you drop the weights on the floor.  Just due to the asshole alarm, I have a feeling that they are judging, just in the other direction.

I haven't gone to actually work out yet, but I guess we'll see if I'm fat enough to stay at the gym.

Monday, December 16, 2013

F**ing Vegas?

The late night TV show well was running dry this weekend, and I saw a show on A&E called Flipping Vegas.

First of all I have to say, whomever is shooting the B roll around the city is great.  That is the last good thing I can say about this show.  It feels like Nascar, where all your searching for is the point where this man just finally has a heart attack or his eyeballs just pop out of his head.  It is like he is determined to be the Gordan Ramsey of the Real Estate world.

He drives around in seriously ridiculous cars and talks about the potential of the Las Vegas housing market.  Meanwhile he's taking on the valleys most outdated houses.  When the Neon Beast and I were house hunting, we saw much worse than the two episodes of this show that I watched.  Scott, this guy on the show, loses his everloving mind about every single floorboard and fixture.  He works with his wife Amie, who is toted as an interior designer, but her taste is least by him, at every turn.

This show is so bad, that when I typed "Flipping Vegas" into Google, it suggest that I wanted to search for "Flipping Vegas Fake" and there is a Facebook page with 99 fans currently.  99 people thought this show was so fake they joined a Facebook page.  That is some serious hate for a show that I had never heard of until this weekend when I happened upon it.

Though I'll never be a fan of this town, I would really like a reality show to come to Vegas and show something close to the real Vegas.  Of course, people flaking out on plans wouldn't make much of a reality show.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Stop Black Thanksgiving...Maybe

I'm seeing a lot of articles on stores that are open during Thanksgiving.  There is even a petition for those stores to close.  It seems like the only wholesomeish holiday left is coming under fire and everyone is taking sides.

What side am I on?  Well, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  Sure, everyone ends up getting in a fight and by the end of the night you can't stand your family.  However, this is the only time that you are all together to fight.  You all get together and share a meal, something that you almost never get to do on a regular basis anymore.

My heart would be broken if Great-Aunt Mildred got up before dessert was served to go shopping instead of spend time with us.  Which begs the question; who exactly is she shopping for?  The people that she is leaving Thanksgiving for?  She just can't give up a good deal?  What is the deal with deals?

In the end, I can't entirely fault the stores for staying open.  Their main goal is to make money, and if everyone's Great-Aunt Mildred is willing to show up to shop, who can fault them?  In fact, according to this article, they really need the money.  It's almost sad.

However, it's also sad to make people work when they should be with their families.  I've worked in customer service far longer than I should have, and they let out the crazy people for the holiday season.  Those people are mean, and hateful...and really they should be at home bothering their own family.  That is the way it should be.

So dearest Aunt Mildred, if you are going to leave Thanksgiving dinner to go shopping....try not to be a bitch to the employees.  For me.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

An Open Letter to the Women Who Sent Her Husband to a Convenience Store for Makeup

Dear Women Who Etc,

I was minding my own business at CVS last night when a man approached me asking for help.  For a moment I thought he was mistaking me for an employee, but as it turns out he was asking for a woman's opinion.  (Side Note; I'm so glad this new pixie cut doesn't make me look like a man or butch women who knows nothing about makeup)

You sent him to the store for a compact and mascara.  He was really proud of himself, he had found the compact.  But you hadn't given him anything to go on in regards to the mascara except for it was around $5.00 and it came in "Black Black."  It was for something tonight, and apparently you weren't available by text or phone at the moment.

He said he didn't mind if it was more than five bucks, and it was so sweet of him.  He was trying so hard, but you gave him little to no information.  There wasn't much I could do to help him.  I did let him know that each mascara was with it's brand, and to go with the ones that say blackest black, or something like that.  He was super sweet and told me thank you and he didn't mean to waste my time.

I'm not sure why you sent him to pick up your makeup, or how you managed to run out of mascara before a big party.  I do know that he is super sweet to try and help you out, but don't make him do that again.  At least not without the brand of mascara you want.  He doesn't deserve that.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Sunrise at the Grand Canyon

I like nature as much as the next girl, so I let the Neon Beast plan our overnight stay at the Grand Canyon.  Due to his extreme luck, this trip took place a mere week before the government shutdown.

Because of a work meeting we had to leave late in the day, so we didn't get to our "hotel" until midnight local time.  We stayed at the Grand Canyon Lodge on the North Rim in Arizona.  According to their stationary in the room, it was built in 1928 by the Union Pacific System.

Seeing the deer by the side of the road was fun, and it was even experiencing the first cold snap of the season, so it was snowing ever so slightly.  They called this a "Forever Resort," which equaled to a literal log cabin with an apparent rodent problem.

 But to be honest, the rest of the cabin was honestly charming and cute;

Neon Beast decided that it was on his bucket list to see the sun rise over the Grand Canyon.  Because we got there at midnight, we had to heat up our cabin ASAP and get to bed.  It was hard getting to sleep right away in a new bed, and before I knew it he was waking me up.  

I didn't bother looking outside but just got on my clothes, didn't bother brushing my hair, and headed out for the 20 minute hike.  It was only when we opened our door that he mentioned how dark it was.  We went to the lobby to figure out what time it was locally, only to find out it's the same time as Las Vegas, and the sun wasn't going to rise for another hour.  We went back to the cabin and I fell asleep.  While I was asleep he saw a mouse in the other room with the bunk beds.  It became clear at that moment that I did not like nature as much as the next girl.

We got ready and hiked out, but I chickened out partway up because it was getting too high and my phobia of someone pushing me off a cliff (no doubt brought on by someone pushing me off the high dive when I was a child) hit and I couldn't go any further.

We watched the sun rise and then went to the lodge to have breakfast.  Afterwards I wasn't really comfortable with hanging out in the room with our new mouse friend, so we decided to just go ahead and check out and drive back home.

You really do only need a few minutes for the Grand Canyon.  Chevy Chase was right.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Vegas in your 30's vs. your 20's

Vegas in my 20's wasn't really all that bad.  I had a couple of superficial friends with connections to clubs, and we had a good time.

If one friend flaked out, there were 3 more showing up, so who cares?  There was always another friend, another club, another party.

Then I grew up.  Some of the friends grew up with me, but most didn't. I got tired of people flaking out on plans, even the ones they made for the entire group.  I got sick of the constant Happy Hours, so much so that I stopped drinking for a summer to make sure I hadn't turned into an alcoholic.

I never really did end up making friends at work, at least none that grew close enough to me before I left the job.  I've had twice as many jobs in a decade here as I did back home in two.  The job market is tough, and the friend market even tougher.

I really did think that it was going to be easy, making friends.  I thought it would be mere months before the Neon Beast and I had game nights and dinner parties at our new house.  Our "new house" is around 4 years old now, and we never got enough friends to have a housewarming party.

I have made one or two friends that I think I'd really miss on a day to day basis if I were to leave, but depending on the way the wind blows, that friendship could be over tomorrow.

This article from the NYTimes about making friends really hits home with me, and also points out that maybe this is not just a Vegas thing.  You can really connect with someone, but life just gets in the way.  It makes me worry that I didn't make enough friends in college.

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